Carbon-neutral transportation in the interests of greenhouse gases

Compensating for CO₂ emissions is, in addition to preventing and reducing greenhouse gases, another important step in climate protection. In this respect, our company offers complete balancing of all refueled liters of fuel.


Why are CO₂ savings needed?

CO₂ is a greenhouse gas that absorbs sunlight reflected from the earth’s surface and reflects it back to the earth. In order to prevent the generation of greenhouse gases and thus a further increase in temperature in recent years, it is essential to make use of all the possibilities of climate protection. One option is to offset CO₂ by investing in climate protection projects.

What is a climate protection project?

Climate protection is not a regional matter, but a question of global balance. The CO₂ that enters the atmosphere does not stay in one place, but dissipates in the atmosphere. As a countermeasure to global warming, climate protection projects also contribute to CO₂ reduction

Our concept

We choose ClimatePartner, one of the world’s leading providers of climate protection solutions. So we chose a renowned and experienced partner. ClimatePartner was founded in 2006 in Munich and works with 1,500 companies in 30 different countries. Many years of experience were decisive for us and ClimatePartner guaranteed transparency of all processes and projects, as well as individual advice and support. Our cooperation with ClimatePartner opens up the possibility of declaring how liters refueled through our fuel cards are carbon-neutral, that compensating for the relevant emissions that we cause by operating transport. Under this compensation, you support climate protection projects that save CO₂ emissions.

Climate protection project portfolio

Together with the renowned provider ClimatePartner and our fuel cards provider we have compiled a portfolio of climate protection projects through which we can compensate for the amount of fuel we have refueled. This portfolio includes five selected and independently certified projects. In addition to clearly measurable climate protection through CO2 compensation, the projects also contribute to the sustainable development of the region and make a significant contribution to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Wind energy
Rajasthan / India
  • Annual savings of 95,000 tons of CO₂
  • Creation of about 50 permanent jobs
  • Securing around 100,000 people with clean, emission-free electricity
    in one of the economically weakest areas
Svilosa / Bulgaria
  • Annual savings of around 83,000 tonnes of CO₂ in the production of energy from wood processing waste
  • Creation of a demonstration project for technology development in Bulgaria
  • Thanks to the use of biomass, forests do not have to be cut down or fossil fuels burned
Wind energy
Saint Nikola / Bulgaria
  • Annual savings of 300,000 tons of CO₂
  • Support in the field of health, education, culture, environmental protection and sports for the local community
  • Additional rental income for local farmers
Forest protection
Portel / Brazil
  • Annual savings of 363,244 tons of CO₂ by protecting the rainforest in the Amazon. Without this project, 3,000 hectares of rainforest would be grubbed up each year for soybean plantations
  • Long-term secured and officially confirmed land rights for the local population
  • Income opportunities for local people in the Amazon
Forest protection
Madre de Dios / Peru
  • Annual savings of 660,000 tonnes of CO₂ by protecting around 100,000 hectares of Amazon rainforest with significant biodiversity, as well as by protecting indigenous peoples
  • Economical mining alternatives
  • Without this project, the construction of the Transamazônica road would pose an additional threat


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